How to reach the Chinese market?

China is the most important fashion market for new designers seeking to target a new consumer profile with innovative high-end products. In fact, fashion in China account for 30% of the global market growth.

According to official sources, middle and high class households go from 50 millions in 2010 to 140 millions in 2020, which means an important opportunity for Western designers to expand their creations overseas.

The Chinese consumers are becoming more and more interested in different and good quality products.

They want originality, exclusivity and unique products regardless of the cost.

SME’s from Western countries could be able to offer to this new consumer a brand story and a strong identity different from the rest of the premium brands.

Because of all these mutations in this booming market, it is sometimes hard for foreign companies to enter and establish by themselves.
iQubator can help you thanks to our expertise in fashion and lifestyle in the Chinese fashion business.

Our international team understands the cultural nuances of China enabling us to position your brand properly in China.

iQubator can design a complete and tailored business solution for SME’s who wish to enter to this challenging market.

Our services enable you to assess the market and create demand while our expertise in China shields you from excessive risk.

iQubator gives you the chance to be in China thanks to our tailored services

Consultancy Services:

Our talented and expert team develop for you a complete strategic growth planning to start running your business in China. We are able to guide you through the legal procedure to establish your presence in one the most powerful markets.

iQubator can put at your service its expertise to get your goal: develop and sell in China

Marketing & Communication Services:

A thorough marketing strategy underlines a good brand promotion, especially in China.

iQubator provides a complete service including promotional material tools, pricing strategy, Chinese website, brochures, leaflets and catalogues translation.

iQubator also promotes your business on many social media. Chinese social media: Weibo and WeChat and Western social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK and Twitter.

Using Asian models we create product photos or lookbooks to appeal to the market.

Expert and local sales team:

To sell effectively, a strong offline network or guanxi is necessary in China. On your behalf, we contact appropriate channels for further penetration into the market including buyers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

At iQubator, our sales team will work by your side to find the right price range in the market for your brand.


Many foreign brands come to China to find a distributor that can also import. These are hard to find.

In fact, China is a fragmented market without any nationwide chains buying imported fashion. Most distributors don’t do international business and they prefer to deal with an importer that has stock readily available.

A two layer system is needed where an importer do the relatively complicated import processing and keep stock, normally against exclusivity and another layer of multiple distributors in different provinces work with retailers.

For maximum market penetration its best to control the import yourselves, but this will require capital and resources to set up and run a legal entity in China. This is what all the big brands have done but can be beyond the reach of an SME.

iQubator offers a middle way to enable you act local from your home office by using our logistics tailored packages.

Local Business Operations:

In Shanghai, new showrooms open everyday and the concept of pop-up store is increasingly popular.

We maintain responsibility for sending your sample stock to interested contacts and find the most suitable showroom, pop-up store and offering a Local PR, office services in Shanghai and a brand representation.

Creating demand and easing the purchase procedure, iQubator brings your brand to market effectively and painlessly. China is the future; iQubator can take your there.


Why do I need Chinese social media?

Most Western social media is inaccessible from mainland China including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Even Google is blocked, making your search engine marketing at home quite irrelevant here. To reach the Chinese market an online presence that can actually reach them is crucial.

How do I know my designs won’t be copied?

Many brands feel uneasy that Chinese companies will copy their designs undercutting them by producing them cheaper. As a legal framework, we provide trademark registration for your brand in China. Further, our promotions focus on the origin and quality of the brand. While we cannot ensure that your designs will not be copied, they will not have the same appeal to the market as the originals.

Why consignment? Can’t you just buy my stock?

As a small start-up we don’t have the luxury of buying all the brands we believe have potential. However, that doesn’t mean that we will accept any brand on consignment. To be represented by iQubator your brand must have certain characteristics including: foreign design/manufacture, high quality and unique apparel, footwear or accessories brands.

How do I know your marketing is effective?

We provide monthly updates about the traffic to your brands various pages and the engagement of followers with your posts. As we collect information about the reception of your brand we can better tailor our marketing to your specific customers.

What is D152Mall?

Read Du Yi Wu Er, D152 means unique in Chinese (独一无二). D152 mall offers middle/middle-upper class Chinese women between 19-40 years, international garments through a seamless and trustworthy online transaction. D152 mall offers your brand a safe and effective platform that accurately represents your image and gives you instant access to Chinese online shoppers with little risk. No initial costly investments or commitments reduces risk while your presence in China generates demand and provides proof of it to distributors. Visit the mall here.

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  • Marketing

    Market research, social media, exhibitions, showrooms and partners, distributors, website and translation.

  • Logistics

    Transportation, customs clearing, duty and quarantine.

  • Brand Representation

    Trademark, and local presence.

  • Market Entry

    Company registration, human resources, and accounting.