Made In Quality, Online?

iQubator fashionCounterfeits products has been a major issue for both fashion brand and customers especially in China. According to official Xinhua news agency, it is said that for the past year China sold more than 40 percent of counterfeit goods or bad quality online.

However, it is affect on decreasing the number of genuine or high quality products sold online in result of below 59 percent, which illustrates problem extension that lay down the ‘fast-growing online sector’. In 2014, a number of customer complaints about online orders hit 77,800 last years, a sharp movement of 356.6 percent against 2013. It is such as downcast situation of moving aside customer’s trust on shopping online.

Today, with the innovation of technology and supported by social media platforms and blogs, smart customers are surprisingly more aware and willing to pay in premium price for achieving premium quality of products. Yet, customers in China are keeping on asking question “Why should I pay that much for this kind of products where I can buy it cheaper in ‘these’ website?”. Premium brands are highly valued by some of societies group. The consumption of premium brands activates an aspect, which can reflects the internalization of concepts associated with being a valuable member of society.

Now, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about lifestyle. To get to know what you purchase online, experience original concept of new ideas and design of our International products in high quality production. For shopping online visit: 


by Nabila John

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