Welcome to iQubator

Since the reform in 2010 that allowed foreign companies to sell in China without setting up a business in the country iQubator has made use of e-commerce to introduce brands to the giant and rapidly growing Chinese consumer market. Our services are specifically tailored to fashion brands wanting to sell or operate in the fastest growing fashion market in the world. Through a combination of online marketing and an offline presence with offices in fashionable XinTianDi in the heart of Shanghai, our brands are able to reach their target segment effectively.

By specializing in fashion brands we have grown a network of marketing channels, distributors and industry leaders. Covering all aspects of market entry from customs and import restrictions to branding and Chinese social media, we tailor our solutions to your goals and needs. Whether your brand is large or small, our diverse team will help you succeed in China.

Our goal is to get your brand positioned in the market according to your marketing strategy, social media presence established, your own in house assistant to find and follow up on buyer/distributor leads. This unmatched service is completed by collaboration between our experienced, fashion minded and hard working international and Chinese teams. Our vision at iQubator Fashion is to present brands with a solid base on which to build their brand in China. We also aim to eliminate the uncertainty and lower the risk of China market entry.

Through tailored solutions, platforms and infrastructure, China market entry is simplified. With representatives on the ground you save the hassle of cross-border communication; we deal with the every day issues such as research, marketing, social media and communication with buyers/distributors. Our most important goal is to help you, in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, enter the worlds largest growing fashion market.